Once you have booked an appointment you will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire and food diary giving us valuable information about the health status of your body systems in preparation for the consultation. It helps us identify any clear signs of nutrient deficiencies as well as any red flags or indications of chronic disease.

The initial consultation lasts around 60 minutes (more for complex cases) and will focus on your main health concerns. It will fill out the gaps in the information already available from your questionnaire. We will go through your diet together and look at how it may be contributing to your symptom picture. Basic dietary recommendations will be given to you during this appointment in the form of handouts, fact sheets, meal ideas, etc. We may also suggest any suitable laboratory tests and / or supplements at this time and are happy to order these for you. Your full personalised action plan and dietary programme and will be emailed to you shortly after the consultation.

Now it’s time to start following your personalised nutritional strategy. By the time you come back after 4 to 6 weeks – this depends on your individual case – you should have noticed some level of improvement. Follow-up’s last around 30-45 minutes depending on your needs. Sometimes simple recommendations can trigger quite a dramatic positive change. In some other cases you may only feel you’ve advanced baby steps in the right direction. Nutritional Therapy is a process that enables sustained health, for life. It is important to remember the fact that we’re all unique, so the road to full recovery can be a longer journey for some.


Lucy utilises a functional medicine based approach to gastro-intestinal imbalances, often using laboratory tests to identify or rule out underlying imbalances. Trained as a GAPS practitioner, she uses elements of GAPS, SCD or a low FODMAP diet (where appropriate) to create a unique plan that works for you.


“I underwent major abdominal surgery five years ago, and since then had been struggling to maintain my energy levels. This was interfering with my job, my relationships, everything. I had moderate IBS, and had also gained two stone in weight (mainly as a result of stress leading to poor diet). Three months ago I made an appointment to see Lucy, and the results have been truly transformative. Thanks to her advice and guidance, I have seen a significant improvement in all of my symptoms. My energy levels are restored to the point that I feel I can manage my responsibilities again, and have a social life too! My IBS symptoms have completely gone. And the extra weight is slowly but steadily dropping off. To achieve the above, my diet needed to undergo a major overhaul. However, Lucy was very gentle with me: the changes were made gradually, one step at a time over the course of a few weeks. This made it much easier to adjust and to stick to this new, different way of eating. I feel as though the changes I’ve made are for life, I now can’t imagine ever going back to living on junk food and sugar; I have realised now how unwell that lifestyle was making me. Thank you Lucy for your encyclopaedic knowledge, sensible advice and gentle treatment.”

J.D. Bristol 2017.

I sought Lucy’s professional advice after years of trying every new diet, to no avail. I have always been extremely active, exercising daily and eating what I felt was a sensible, low sugar, calorie diet but unable to lose weight. After having had breast cancer and surgery and follow up treatments I’d gained a stone in weight which I could not lose. I’d resorted to the 5-2 fasting which was showing no results and making me quite miserable. When I first went to see Lucy, having completed the food plan and health survey I was extremely impressed with her obvious detailed nutritional knowledge and the fact she looked at me as an individual and she was going to tailor my strategy to my particular needs. I was initially concerned that one of the elements of my strategy was that I needed to eat more as I was basically not taking in enough calories so my body was holding on to every calories I ate. She also explained that my years of low fat diet and calorie counting were not providing a nutritionally balanced diet which my body needed. I confess I went away thinking I’d come back another stone heavier when I next saw her. I initially actually found it hard to eat the advised number of calories. However, to my delight when I returned, I’d already started to lose weight which was incredible. We have since then worked on changing my attitude to food and I now have a really positive view on food and understand more of what my body needs and I no longer fixate on calories. I lost almost half a stone and feel so much happier in my clothes and in myself. The food strategy we have now is a way of life and I don’t see it as a diet at all. I like being able to make appointments to see Lucy where she will offer advice on any areas of concerns or questions I may have, but also have had skype meetings with her, which are helpful when time is short. I would not hesitate recommending Lucy’s bespoke nutrition service to anyone.

J.S. Bristol 2017.

“I’ve been very poorly over the last 2 and half years with my digestive health, mental health and fatigue. Before I starting seeing Lucy, I visited a range of practitioners in Harley Street, London, because I assumed that I would get the best help from experts there. How wrong could I be? Thousands of pounds later with no improvement in my health, I was getting desperate. Then I was recommended to see Lucy and I can honestly say she has been the best nutritional therapist/functional medicine practitioner I have ever worked with. Not only did Lucy pinpoint what was causing my ill health and explain it in a way that I could understand, she has also offered amazing support throughout my ongoing health journey. I trust Lucy 100% and her knowledge knows no bounds. There is nothing about the inner workings of the body that Lucy doesn’t seem to know. Whenever I have lost faith in my health, Lucy has managed to bring me back to a positive mindset by reminding me why my personalized overall health plan is so important in my recovery. I would recommend Lucy to everyone I know.”

K.J. Swindon 2016.

“I have struggled with gastrointestinal issues since 2008. After many years visiting GPs, I contacted Southville Nutrition in desperation with a rather sorrowful email. I outlined my 5 year gastro-upset and anxiety and asked if there was any such thing as a ‘stress free diet?’ It has been the single best thing I have ever done for my health. I have learned so much about my body and about nutrition. The initial consultation was thorough and extensive, I answered many lifestyle questions that I couldn’t believe were relevant, but in doing so Lucy expertly created a map of my overall health and behaviour. In addition, I undertook some lab tests. This has been our greatest weapon in my war against my symptoms! Since the results, Lucy has guided me and advised me on my journey to digestive health, creating tailored diet protocols and suggesting important supplements needed to repair the damage I had been living with.

I can’t quite believe the difference in my body, mind and, most importantly, my symptoms! Her support is truly unrivalled. I can not recommend her highly enough nor thank her enough!”

D.A. Bristol 2014.

“Lucy is knowledgeable and personable and the most comprehensive nutritional practitioner I have consulted. I have already recommended her to friends and colleagues.”

C.DM. Gloucestershire 2016.

“I have been working with Lucy for a few months now and would highly recommend her for digestive issues. When I came to Lucy I considered myself to be someone who had a fair bit of knowledge about nutrition and I couldn’t understand why I was still suffering so much. I realise now how different everyone is and how many things can affect our digestive abilities! Lucy has helped me find a path that really suits me and for the first time I feel positive about healing and actually living a normal happy life. Thanks Lucy!” :)

RL. Bristol 2016

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