Map My Gut is a cutting edge tool to assess the level of diversity within the different microbe species present in your gut and their prevalence via a stool test. It also describes how these microbes associate with health and disease and how they relate and impact your lifestyle and diet regime.

Map My Gut provides a personal comprehensive analysis of your gut microbiome. Through determining the variety and number of microbes living within your gut, we can form links between your nutritional status, immune system function and some disease states. From only a small sample of a bowel movement, we use the latest state of the art DNA sequencing technology to discover your individual microbiome that is unique to you. From your results Map My Gut scientists at the forefront of microbiome research will deliver a comprehensive constructive report on improving your personal gut microbe diversity for better health and longevity.

To test your microbiome we need a fresh stool sample, as a stool shows a similar diversity of microbes to your gut having just been expelled from your bowels. Stool samples must be fresh, or the bacteria in the stool starts to die which can skew the results and affect your analysis.

A simple sampling kit can be posted to the comfort of your own home, along with easy to use instructions, plastic gloves, ice pack and sample tube with a scoop are all provided to make the process as easy and worry free as possible.

Using the scoop, a small portion of your latest bowel movement is placed into the container provided (no more than the size of a teaspoon) which is then posted to us in a prepaid envelope via a courier to begin the analysis process. For optimal results, stool samples must be sent back to us on the same day as collected. We provide a courier service within the London area to reduce the transit time to the lab so that the freshness of the sample is maintained, and keeps your results as accurate as possible.

All samples get sent back to the Map My Gut laboratory in London right opposite Big Ben at the St. Thomas’s Hospital for DNA sequencing and analysis by our leading microbiome scientists from the TwinsUK and British Gut Project.

Your microbial diversity can have an impact on many areas of health, including: Diabetes; Autism; Fertility; Autoimimmunity; IBS; and Allergies.

Lucy is one of only a handful of practitioners in the UK trained in Map My Gut and able to order and interpret tests. Southville Nutrition is proud to be an affiliate of Map My Gut, alongside doctors and other health professionals.

Please note, we require you to become a client to utilise May My Gut testing which involves an initial health consultation and follow up to discuss your results. This ensures your results are given clinical significance and are appropriately explained to you, by a trained professional.

If you wish to enquire about testing and consultations, please contact us.