Lucy has been Foresight Preconception Care’s Lead Practitioner since November 2014. Since 1979, Foresight has helped thousands of couples to get pregnant and go on to have a healthy baby. Sadly Foresight will be closing it’s doors in September 2017. However as an expert in Hair Mineral Analysis testing, Lucy is available to provide you with hair mineral analysis should you wish to continue your journey.

Chances are, if you have had a hair test in the last 3 years, or rang Foresight with a technical query it is Lucy you spoke to. She was instrumental in setting up the newer testing options available; an at home blood test profile to assess vitamin D, thyroid markers, and ferritin among others as well as the new DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones) and was Foresight’s go to person for laboratory test analysis. All these tests are available through Lucy if you would like to work with her.

My wonderful colleague Eli Sarre is also offering HMA packages at the same price for our client base at Foresight. She can contacted via her website Wildfare

HMA Packages available

£96 for an Individual hair mineral analysis – First Test
£185 for a Couple hair mineral analysis – First Test
£79 for an Individual hair mineral analysis – Retest
£153.60 for a Couple’s hair mineral analysis – Retest

Core 10 blood test – health check is £149.99

30 minute result follow up phone or Skype call with Lucy is £50

Please note: Foresight Supplements will no longer be available, however as a qualified Nutritional Therapist I am able to recommend a personalised, high quality supplement programme for you using my tried and trusted brands. All recommended supplements will be available for you to purchase online with a 10% discount

Steps for using this service:
*Contact Lucy by email or use the contact form on this website to request a HMA test – please specify whether it’s for an individual, couple, adult or child and whether it’s for preconception or health purposes.
*Lucy will take some details to get you booked in via email and send you the forms via email
*You will also be sent a a payment link for your choice of service – this is to be paid online and prior to sending the hair sample – no samples will be sent via Lucy to the lab without payment in full
*Please complete the forms (online) and these will automatically be returned to your practitioner
*Please read through the details for taking a hair sample and cut your hair sample. Please send your hair samples in small plastic bags (sealable) or sealed small envelopes in 1 package to the address specified on the form
*Lucy will notify you when the samples are received and that they are the correct weight. If more hair is required Lucy will email or call you to request more
*Lucy will send the samples to the lab weekly on a Wednesday. Turnaround time for you to receive your results is 21 days from the Wednesday they were sent
*Please note that the lab sometimes experiences high volumes of samples and as such delays can occur
*You will receive your results with a full 12 page report from Lucy analysing them and what this means for your health
*You will receive an individualised supplement programme (no longer Foresight’s supplements due to their closure) from brands Lucy’s knows and trusts with 10% discount, available to buy online


About Hair Mineral Analysis

Lucy is able to analyse specific mineral levels and toxic metal load using hair mineral analysis. The laboratory test results provided by Biolab, give invaluable information which enables Lucy to provide personalised nutritional supplementation programmes to support and optimise mineral levels. Both low levels of certain minerals and high levels of toxic metals may be impacting your health and fertility status.

The Hair Mineral analysis test provides a reading of the minerals deposited in the cells and interstitial spaces of the hair over a 2-3 month period. Hair testing provides a long-term reading, while blood tests and urine tests provide a more instantaneous reading of the body. Both types of readings have value. For example, blood tests can vary from minute to minute, depending upon one’s diet, activities, the time of day and many other factors. This is beneficial in some instances, but is often less helpful when seeking an overall metabolic reading.

Mineral levels are kept relatively constant in the blood, even when pathology is present. This is a vital function because blood touches all the body tissues, and too much variation is dangerous. This is the reason many people have normal blood tests – even when they are quite ill. Hair minerals do not circulate, and pose no threat to the body. Values often vary by a factor of ten or much more, making measurement easier and providing trained practitioners with a tremendous amount of accurate knowledge about the cells and the soft tissue of our bodies.

Toxic metals are easier to detect in the hair than in the blood. The body quickly removes toxic metals from the blood, if it can. For this reason, most toxic metals are not found in high concentrations in the blood, except right after an acute exposure. In contrast, many toxic metals accumulate in the soft tissues such as the hair because the body tries to move them to locations where they will do less damage.

Other advantages to using hair mineral analysis are that collection is straight forward, can be done at home, is painless and can be posted easily. Hair is a fairly rapidly growing tissue. This enables one to obtain a recent biochemical picture of soft tissue metabolism. As an aside, hair is extremely useful for testing many things besides minerals. These include drugs, toxic chemicals and DNA. Hair is frequently used in forensic medicine, and in drug testing clinics. It is also used worldwide for biological monitoring of many animal species for toxic metals.