Foresight Preconception

Foresight - the end of an era

It is with heavy hearts that Foresight announced it will not be continuing its services beyond September 2017. As is the case for many charitable organisations, despite best efforts over the last 5 years, it had become increasingly difficult to create a financially sustainable model which will provide security and stability for the charity and its service users, for the long term. The Board of Trustees therefore came to the difficult decision to close the Charity for good from September 2017.

As Lead Practitioner for Foresight since November 2014, I can attest to the sorrow of the whole team as we fought for such a valuable service. However, moving forwards, I am able to continue offering the same high quality services that Foresight did. Chances are, if you have had a hair test in the last 3 years, or rang Foresight with a technical query it is me you spoke to. I was instrumental in setting up the newer testing options available; an at home blood test profile to assess vitamin D, thyroid markers, and ferritin among others as well as the new DUTCH (dried urine test for comprehensive hormones) and was Foresight’s go to person for laboratory test analysis. All these tests are available through my services if you would like to work with me. – Hair Mineral Analysis – Core 10 Blood Spot Tests
Results and reports, with personalised supplement plans available please see below.

My wonderful colleague Eli Sarre also offers this continuation of Hair Mineral Analysis and can be found at her website Wildfare

Additional Services via private consultations: – DUTCH hormone profile – Functional Gastrointestinal Testing
In order to access DUTCH hormone and gastrointestinal testing with me you would like to book an initial consultation in order for me to give you a thorough nutritional assessment and make my recommendations. Not all test are appropriate or necessary for everyone.

Should you wish to have a first test or retest hair mineral analysis report done please see your options and how this work working with me below.

HMA Packages available

£96 for an Individual hair mineral analysis – First Test
£185 for a Couple hair mineral analysis – First Test
£79 for an Individual hair mineral analysis – Retest
£156.60 for a Couple’s hair mineral analysis – Retest

Core 10 blood test – health check is £150 which includes your results and a report.

30 minute hair test or blood spot test results follow up phone or Skype call with Lucy is £50

Please note: Foresight Supplements will no longer be available, however as a qualified Nutritional Therapist I am able to recommend a personalised, high quality supplement programme for you using my tried and trusted brands. All recommended supplements will be available for you to purchase online with a 10% discount

Steps for using this service:

*Contact Lucy by email or use the contact form on this website to request a HMA test – please specify whether it’s for an individual, couple, adult or child and whether it’s for preconception or health purposes.

*Lucy will take some details to get you booked in via email and send you the forms via email

*You will also be sent a a payment link for your choice of service – this is to be paid online and prior to sending the hair sample – no samples will be sent via Lucy to the lab without payment in full

*Please complete the forms (online) and these will automatically be returned to your practitioner

*Please read through the details for taking a hair sample and cut your hair sample. Please send your hair samples in small plastic bags (sealable) or sealed small envelopes in 1 package to the address specified on the form

*Lucy will notify you when the samples are received and that they are the correct weight. If more hair is required Lucy will email or call you to request more

*Lucy will send the samples to the lab weekly on a Wednesday. Turnaround time for you to receive your results is 21 days from the Wednesday they were sent

*Please note that the lab sometimes experiences high volumes of samples and as such delays can occur

*You will receive your results with a full 12 page report from Lucy analysing them and what this means for your health

*You will receive an individualised supplement programme (no longer Foresight’s supplements due to their closure) from brands Lucy’s knows and trusts with 10% discount, available to buy online

Posted by: Lucy - 22nd August 2017