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Based in Bristol, Southville Nutrition offers One to One Nutritional Therapy consultations to develop personalised nutrition programmes that fit with your lifestyle.

Southville Nutrition offers Nutritional Therapy, Metabolic Balance Packages, GAPS Consultations, Training & Special Events, all aiding the promotion of health, peak performance and individual wellbeing. We pride ourselves on taking an individualised science-based approach to support optimum health and wellness. We have a special interest in optimising skin health, digestive health and weight management.

You can use this site to find out more about what founder, Bristol Nutritionist Lucy Patterson DipION FdSc mBANT CNHC offers, and see how Southville Nutrition can benefit you.

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Sugar Free Sweet Pea

This weeks blog piece is the story of a fantastic client of mine, who has been so inspired by her own health tran